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A Happy writer is a curious writer

Whether you’re a completely new writer or a seasoned industry professional, I have resources here to help you hone your craft, guide your traditional publishing career, and ensure you live your writing life to its healthiest, happiest fullest.

Truly: I’ve produced so much content over the years, I’ve got heaps of resources for everyone!


“For more than a decade, Susan has provided high-quality, useful writing advice for thousands of writers. Her academy is a goldmine of information and practical tips that will benefit any writer, whether they’re new or extremely experienced — or anywhere in between. If you have a question about it, chances are, Susan has talked about it.”

Jodi Meadows, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Kind, patient, and incredibly analytical in her approach, Susan Dennard breaks down each element of writing and publishing in a step-by-step manner, with practical examples of what works and what doesn’t. When I get stuck, I often go back to re-read her treasure trove of tips and advice.”

Tanaz Bhathena, Award-Winning Author

“Susan’s comprehensive writing advice and resources have been a lifeline for writers new and old. it’s like reading a supportive letter from a friend who knows what you’re going through and has an idea for how to fix it—even if it’s just letting you know you’re not alone.”

Kamilah Cole, bestselling author

“Not only has Susan’s insight helped me figure out how to write YA novels, her books played a major part in inspiring me to write them in the first place. I’m 11 novels in. You can be too.”

Eric Smith, Literary Agent and Author

“I have frequently and faithfully been referencing Susan Dennard’s writing advice for the entirety of my career (and many years before it officially began). I always point aspiring authors in her direction regarding everything from synopses to story structure. She is the source for all things writing, craft, and career.”

Nicki Pau Preto, Award-Winning Author

“No matter my writing questions, Susan Dennard always has the answer. She thinks so deeply about craft, and teaches in a way that works for everyone, no matter their approach, or where they’re at in their writing journey.”

Amie Kaufman, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Susan’s writing advice has helped me numerous times over the years. (I still use her “how to write a synopsis” guide for every project I tackle.) Her tone is friendly and conversational, her examples are always informative, and the range of topics she covers is vast. I learn a bit more about craft (and my own writing) every time I read one of her posts. Academy is an invaluable resource to writers at all stages!”

Erin Bowman, Award-Winning Author

“Susan’s writing advice has been invaluable whenever I’ve struggled with writer’s block or a plot that needs untangling. Her advice is insightful and helpful no matter the genre.”

Elizabeth Davis, Author