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A curious writer is

a thriving one

Welcome to Susan Dennard’s Writing Academy

A place for writers around the globe to:

Improve their craft

Learn about the publishing industry

And find a happy, sustainable creative life.

After fifteen years of teaching the about writing, publishing, and living the best creative life, you can now access all of Susan Dennard’s content in one, easy-to-use location.  On top of that, there are new features to explore, including courses, guidebooks, and videos. 

There are hundreds of free resources here to explore, or you can access every single thing Susan has ever offered for a one-time fee of $99. (And that fee also includes all future content that will be added here!)

So come learn about Susan’s famous “magical cookie” method—a.k.a. how not to write the boring parts—and familiarize yourself with the steps of traditional publishing so you can go into this industry prepared and aware.

Because a curious writer is a thriving one.