Don’t forget your Perfect Book

One last thing: don’t forget that list of criteria you made that define your perfect book!

I even keep that list somewhere I can see as I’m writing. It helps me remember what I’m shooting for and search for the spots where I’m not hitting the mark…

Sometimes, I’m way off from the mark. Sometimes, it’s more subtle. But as mentioned above, I write down everything I see that sits wrong with me. No matter how small, I make note. And sure, sometimes I don’t end up changing anything. But it’s still helpful to know every little area I’m uncertain about.

I realize that while this lesson isn’t that long…the task itself is quite immense. But that’s why we’re breaking it all down!

Plot, character, setting, other.

Bite-sized chunks so you can assess your book as it currently stands and we can start aiming for our Perfect Book in future lessons.