Finally, the Main Event

I know you’re all thinking, Thank goodness, Sooz. Finally we get to do the thing you said we’d do from the start.

Thank you for your patience and hard work up until this point! All of that effort is now going to pay off as you take your newly updated scene cards—a.k.a. your Plan of Attack—and go through your printed manuscript.

Or if you’d rather work in a digital format, that is totally okay. I work faster by hand because that is how my brain is wired…but then that does mean I have to type in all of my changes at a later time.

If you don’t know what you prefer, then I suggest starting out with your printed manuscript and some pens…and then shifting to a digital format if that really isn’t feeling natural for you.

Start Making Changes

With your scene cards, go through the one by one. I would suggest you go chronologically, unless you know that you work better in a different order.

I’m going to assume in the next sections, however, that you’re working from scene 1 through to the end.

(If you aren’t using scene cards, then take whatever organization method you are using!)

So we take our first card, we look at all the notes on it…and we start to make those changes.