Start Over If You Have To

I have said this before: but if you have a better idea, then go ahead and make it.

Don’t stick to your Master List of Solutions simply because it’s right there waiting to be checked off. If you find a better solution for a story problem, then go for it! Better go back and make the changes now than edit the entire manuscript wrong and have to start over again!

And if you’re like me: you will read through the book several times before you ever start typing in handwritten changes.

Yes, I will do a full pass of the book. Then I will go back to the beginning and do a second pass in which I smooth out prose, blend in new additions better, make sure nothing is redundant, and generally just make the whole book stronger.

My ultimate goal is to get as close to a perfect translation as I can get! And if that means I have to do multiple passes to reach my vision, then so be it.