Let’s Dig In (Finally)

Now the real nitty-gritty work begins.

We are…yes, getting organized again. But this time, we’re digging deeper too. Everything you do in this lesson is setting you up for seamless revisions.

You’ll be so organized, you’ll just sail through each chapter’s edits as if you are literally…I don’t know. On a sailboat.

Either way, you’ll be glad for all the organizing you’ve done before now, and you’ll be really glad you did all the steps in this Lesson once you get through.

Gather Your Tools

For this lesson, we’re going to need:

  • Our index card outline
  • The Master List of Solutions
  • Pens in four different colors (if working by hand)
  • Post-its in four different colors (if working by hand)
  • Your filled-in worksheets for Plot, Character, Setting, Other
  • Your printed and marked-up manuscript (if working by hand)
  • Any extra notes you might want to have on hand

Basically, you need everything you’ve accumulated and created thus far. So make sure you’ve got some space. I like to work at an empty desk or on a rug where my dogs and daughter cannot interfere.

Simply pick wherever feels most comfortable and creative for you. But do know you’ll be using all of these items, so having easy access is helpful!